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American Baptist Men of Pennsylvania and Delaware (ABMOPAD) exists to encourage and lead men and boys into vital relationships with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and with each other.


We are an auxiliary organization of the American Baptist Churches, USA and are thus a Christian organization. As such, evangelism, discipleship and worship are major concerns. As Baptists, we are a people of “The Book,” placing heavy emphasis on Biblical teaching and doctrine.

While our primary ministry is to men, we recognize that boys are the men of the future and so seek to include and encourage them as well. As Christians, our relationship with Christ as Lord and Savior is of paramount importance both for ourselves and as something we desire to share with our friends and neighbors.

Some of the ways that we seek to do this are by:

  • Helping men reinforce their commitment to Christ, church and family.
  • Motivating men to practice their ministry at home, at work, in the community and to support the mission of American Baptist Men.
  • Designing service programs and projects that will fully utilize men's gifts such as, Kingdom Builders or Disaster Relief Teams.
  • Encouraging men to take a lay leadership role in their church.
  • Encouraging men to claim their roles in local, regional and national missions.
  • Helping men to be more aware of their God-given talents and gifts.
  • Helping men become more aware of the meaning and purpose of their church membership.
  • Encouraging men think in the terms of service of others.
  • Encouraging every man a prayer partner for his pastor.