President's Corner


Our retreat weekend for 2019 is July 26-28. Have you sent in your reservation?  It's going to be a great time of worship and fellowship at Shippensburg University.


People certainly feel a lot of pressure and stress to get the perfect gift for everyone on their Christmas list, which reminds me of stories I've heard about my wife's grandmother.
Every year, my wife and her sister carefully chose gifts for her---hoping to make her happy.  On Christmas morning, each one was received with a sincere exclamation of pleasure.  "Just what I wanted!"  "Thank you so much!"
By December 26, all Grandma's gifts were carefully put away---usually in their original gift boxes.  She was determined to save them for a special occasion.  They were too "good" to use every day. 
In the same way, God in His wisdom chose special gifts for each of us. And He expects us to unwrap them, examine them, polish and perfect them, and use each gift, every talent, He gives us day for His glory.  Our talents are all special---big or small each is a treasure.
Don't let your gifts sit in a closet unused.
ABMOPAD needs your leadership. Consider serving on the Board. We have a number of openings on the Board


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