American Baptist Men Of Pennsylvania And Delaware

Kingdom Builders

"Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain that built it" - Psalm 127:1a

Kingdom Builders is a volunteer service organization which will provide labor and leadership for the construction of new churches, and assistance to congregations which need help in repairing or renovating their facilities. Teens, women and men of our Pennsylvania and Delaware congregations are invited to volunteer time, skills and tools to assist member congregations in need. It is also anticipated that those who are able and willing may respond to in-state disaster situations, and perhaps even those out of state. Quite a number of ABC congregations need help maintaining their church homes. Carpenters, painters, electricians and general helpers could provide the assistance needed in many situations. Request for assistance should be channeled through respective Area Ministers.

We need Baptists - teens, women, and men - who are willing to commit their gifts and time to work on a project in one of our two states. Please read through this bulletin and see what it's all about. And I truly hope to see you in one of our building projects.

Denise from PBA office has asked the KINGDOM BUILDERS to help the two churches in your region that had flooding damage from Hurricane Ivan. One had basement damage and all the walls and some ceilings will need to be replaced. The other need the roof replaced.

Start date: week of 10/18/04 - Roof Replacement
1st Baptist Church of Apollo
102 Owens View Avenue
Apollo, PA 15613
The Pastor is Scott Fairman.

The church and parsonage are under the same roof. Some repairs had been done due to the chimney falling through the church roof and it leaked during the storm. The roof on the parsonage was not replaced when the church roof was replaced but, needs it now since it is leaking. It is structurally sound with only some of the plywood decking needing replacement. The soffit, fascia and guttering needs replacing. All material is on site and ready to go.

  1. Tear off old roofing
  2. Replace plywood as needed
  3. Lay tar paper
  4. Put on new roof
  5. Add new soffit, fascia and gutters

Supervisor: Paul Hamilton - 724.568.3633 cell: 724.312.3112. We need at least 30 people for this project. This will depend on the weather conditions; as long as it is not raining we will work, even if we work in sections of the project.

Start date: 10/13/04 - Basement walls and ceiling
First Baptist Church McKees Rocks
622 Russellwood Ave.
McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Church: (412) 331-6332
Parsonage: (412) 771-1128
Pastor Norm Melser

Water damage in the basement all the walls (wall board), floors (linoleum tile) and drop ceiling tile will need to be replaced. Volunteers have already torn off all the damaged material from the walls and the ceiling. The walls have been prepared for drywall for Wednesday the 13th. We will be putting up drywall, finishing and painting it, as well as replacing ceiling tile and grid. All material is on site and ready to go.

The Disaster Relief Trailer is FBC of McKees Rock and supplies maybe used as needed for both projects.

We have a few volunteers from the SE PA & Delaware area and your Pittsburgh area, BUT WE NEED MORE! Please contact me if you or anyone in your congregation can help. Also, I have only about one-third of the e-mail addresses for the churches. So please pass this message along to your other pastor brothers and sisters in Christ. We all have been touched by the hurricanes in Florida and wanted to physically help. And possibly we also have members in our own congregations that had flood damage, and have helped there. I know that God has blessed you in this endeavor as Jesus said in Matthew 25:42 "For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.' 44"They also will answer, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?' Here is the time to help your brother's and sister's Holy House. God has already blessed this ministry and we will continue to help those in need.

Below are some projects that have been worked on or are in progress:

  1. First Baptist, Nesquehoning, PA. (glazing and painting)
  2. Second Baptist, Dover, DE. (A-frame roof installed)
  3. First Baptist, Lykens, PA. (new sidewalks)
  4. Eastern Seminary, Wynnewood, PA. (painting)
  5. First Baptist, Dover, DE. (partitions, wiring)
  6. Sanctuary, Penntowns, PA. (partitions, wiring, carpet)
  7. First Baptist, Montandon, PA. (Sunday school roofing shingles)
  8. Calvary Baptist, Franklin, PA. (complete reconstruction; project of ABC,USA)
  9. First Baptist, Tioga, PA. (painting, siding)
  10. New Hope Baptist, Steelton, PA. (patching, painting)
  11. Holloway Terrace Baptist, New Castle, DE. (roof repair, dry wall, painting, trim carpentry, flooring)
  12. Grace Baptist Church of the Hills, Fairfield (consult on repair of front entrance)
  13. Chapel Road Baptist, Doe Run, PA. (concrete, flooring, interior and exterior walls, siding, roof, wiring, plumbing, carpet, 36x60 addition)
  14. Eastern Baptist Seminary (painting and remodeling rooms) (Scheduled completion: late fall 1999)
  15. Jenner Township Baptist, Boswell, PA (consult on new roof)
  16. Lower Providence Baptist, Eagleville, PA (consult on replastering ceiling)
  17. First Baptist, Wyoming (consult on wall and interior repairs)
  18. West Pittston Baptist (leaking roof and wall damage) (Pending)
  19. Plymouth Valley (complete remodeling) (Pending)
  20. M.L.King Baptist, Harrisburg, PA (new powder room) (In Process)
  21. Colonial Park Baptist, Harrisburg, PA (new roof) (Pending)
  22. Central Baptist, Williamsport, PA (roof repair and painting) (Late 1999)
  23. Crum Lynne Baptist (many repairs) (In Process)
  24. First Baptist Church McKees Rocks
  25. 1st Baptist Church of Apollo

Please keep in mind that these folks aren't sitting around waiting for the job to do itself -- they are out doing it -- so the list of projects and progress changes on a daily or weekly basis.

If you are interested in getting involved here are a list of contacts:

Kingdom Builders
151 Sunnyside Road
Smyrna, DE 19977
Attention: Mike Metzger
Home: 302.659.5630
Tom Roberts
Tele: (302)-335-0176

Both skilled and unskilled labor is needed -- often more unskilled labor than skilled. Another way that you can get involved is by praying for the efforts.

NEW!! You can download an information booklet to hand out at your church or next Men's Ministry meeting by clicking here.


Chapel Road Baptist, Doe Run, PA

9 AUG Pour Concrete Floor 1 2 masons 4
10 AUG Sub-Flooring
Raise Walls
2 carpenters
2 carpenters
11 SEPT Exterior Wall Sheathing
Roof Trusses
2 carpenters
2 carpenters
12 SEPT Roof Sheathing 3 2 carpenters 3
13 SEPT Shingles 3 2 carpenters 4
14 SEPT Windows & Doors 2 3 carpenters 2
15 OCT Vinyl Siding 5 2 carpenters 4
16 OCT Rough Wiring
Rough Plumbing
2 electricians
1 plumber
17 OCT Sheet Rock 2 3 carpenters 3
18 OCT Ceiling Tile
Finish Electric
Finish Plumbing
2 carpenters
1 electritian
1 plumber
19 & 20 NOV Spackling
2 Spacklers
2 Painters
20 NOV Carpet 2 2 carpet layers 2

"To God Be the Glory! Great Things He Has Done!" Support from the members of Chapel Road has been outstanding! Three volunteers have come all the way from Bricktown, NJ, one each from West Chester, and Upland, PA, three from Christ Memorial, Dover and four from First Baptist, Dover. Please, there is room for more volunteers!

The Church Coordinator is Paul Pfitzenmeyer. He has at least six others from the church helping, not counting the ladies who made lunch and snacks for us.

HollowayTerrace Baptist, New Castle, DE
April 25, 1998

Six days of great effort have resulted in finishing the roof repair and realignment of Sunday School rooms! A few dors must be hung, some dry wall finishing, painting, miscellaneous trim carpentry and flooring finished. We thank God for what He has done!

Our next work days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (April 27, 28 & 30). Please, can you help?

The following are the volunteers and the churhes they attend:

  1. Muncy Baptist .... Frank (6 days) & Millie (3 days) Foust.
  2. First, Lancaster .... Electician Bud Shirk (4 days).
  3. Christ Memorial .... Bob Brown (leader), Tony Pires, (both 6 days), L.B. Jones (4 days), Doug Goodermouth (1 day), Woody Curtis (1 day), Dick Lewis (1 day) and Ernie Halcolm (1 day)
  4. Upland Baptist .... Bob Singley (3 days) and John McCary (1 day)
  5. Hatboro Baptist .... Pastor Jim Sutton and Paul Zarroli (1 day)
  6. Exton Baptist .... Former Executive Minister Dick Rustbult (1 day)
  7. Good Shepherd Baptist .... Paul & Elizabeth Eldridge (3 days) and Mick Metzger (3 days).
  8. First, Dover .... Tom Roberts (6 days), Don Bernard (1 day) and Dick Smith (1 day).
  9. Springfield Baptist .... Charlie Faix (2 days)
  10. Calvary, Newark .... Hardly (or Harry) Small (2 days)

This does not count the dozen and a half of the Holloway Terrace men, women and young people who worked in some way on the projects. Pastors Gene Simowitz and Jim Eldridge were their leaders. We are grateful for all who have helped. God encouraged us in fantastic ways by providing the people with the right talents and skills at the right time.

Tioga Baptist, Tioga, PA

Volunteers from Northeast PA, together with church members, completed this painting and siding project during the summer.

Calvary Baptist, Franklin, PA

The Calvary Baptist Church in Franklin, PA was burned beyond repair Christmas night 1996. Kingdom Builders and other volunteer groups helped with the reconstruction of another building.

New Hope Baptist, Steelton, PA

Sanctuary walls were painted. Praise Goid for the work done and supervised by Bob Singley, Sr. of Upland Baptist in Southeast PA. He brought young men Neal Harman and Andrew Harman to work with him both days. Frank Faust of Muncy and Ralph Knopp of Hughesville also worked June 27-28. Leon Prescott and "Tie" Tisinger of First Baptist of Dover, together with John McCary of Upland painted on the 27th. Local coordinator Tom Strawbridge was quite pleased with the results. Ten of the New Hope membership added their painting skills and time to this renovation project. A lady soloist from the church sang spiritual songs as they painted on Saturday. Bob was pleased with the effort and asked me to add his "Thanks!" and "Praise to God!"

Praise the Lord, my soul;
all my inmost being, praise his holy name.

Psalm 103:1 (NIV)